Project Haiti
Collaborative Effort to Bring Therapeutic Yoga to Haiti

Project Haiti ball is…rolling!

I am very excited to report that David Emerson of the Trauma Center here in Boston, Mark Lilly of Street Yoga and Jennifer Cohen of Little Flower Yoga are all on board with our Yoga for Trauma program. Once there is some semblance of infrastructure put in place and all the immediate and most urgent emergencies (of which there are so many) are addressed, the people of Haiti will be dealing with the mental/emotional effects of this disaster. Our team intends to get a program of yoga for trauma survivors as well as yoga for secondary trauma (for the helpers) in place where it is most needed. David Emerson will be offering yoga for trauma trainings for our volunteer teachers and in addition to a project lead we hope to have a rotating team of teachers. If you are a teacher and would be interested in participating in the program please email me at  Jenn Cohen has a contact with a very high level person at the Embassy who can help us determine where the help will be most needed. We are hoping to find a sponsor such as Partners in Health or JRI. Maggie Juliano of Sprout Yoga is also gloriously well connected and has some ties to folks already working in Haiti. This project has a lot of steam behind it and I am very enthused to be a part of it!  As of now, we are looking for any and all suggestions for funding and partners. Photographers Avery Meyers and Andrew Morrell have offered their services. I’m hoping to convince film makers, journalists and photographers to document this project. I’ve reached out to  Charles Stone III, Kate Churchill, and Niels Alpert to come along and document.  There are also several journalists that I have reached out to including Kelly McGonigal, Katie Zezima of the New York Times, and Stacie Stukin of the LA Times

For the past 4 years I have been a part of this amazing community of yoga for service. This community is fast growing and the therapeutic benefits of yoga are real, documented through a growing body of scientific studies and not to be denied. The spit and polish shine of western yoga is not what we are about. When the aid organizations have gone and the people of the world continue on with their lives, shopping for Christmas, celebrating the holiday season of 2010, the people of Haiti will coping with long term emotional trauma. Project Haiti will be there to help them heal and I am very committed to making that happen and so blissfully happy that the community that surrounds me is on the same page. Thank you Maggie Juliano for setting the ball in motion.


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