Project Haiti
Collaborative Effort to Bring Therapeutic Yoga to Haiti

Cashing in the Karma Chips

Somehow through the miracle of Twitter I got on Deepak Chopra’s radar and he has put me in touch with two physicians that he is close with. Both these lovely and caring people  are involved in the Longwood Orchestra and the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship. In speaking with these two people as well as Dave Emerson, it is clear we are all on the same page to develop a strategy for long term sustainable yoga for trauma programs that can be in place for years to come. First step, to draft a brief proposal so that these Doctors aren’t sitting around thinking “who are these yoga wingnuts?” (I’m not sure if those were exact words but…) So…I’m spending my Saturday writing this proposal (love it) and realizing just how many Karma Chips I actually have!! Dave Emerson and the Trauma Center are completely committed to this project. The likelihood of long term studies on the project are very good (JRI is a committed sponsor for Project Haiti). I will be attending the Symphonic Relief for Haiti concert on January 31st where I hope to meet some local Haitian people that can give me some inroads to people on the ground there. Paul Farmer’s group in Haiti is compiled of at least 4000 Haitian employees and we are looking for an inroad there in consideration of program coordinators and administrators. In the meantime, the US team will be pulling together budgets, time-lines, connections, MONEY and trainings all with an eye on having programs in place when the time is right.

Time to throw in your Karma Chip. PLEASE come to the concert on January 31st to support any and all efforts in Haiti.

more soon!



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