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Collaborative Effort to Bring Therapeutic Yoga to Haiti

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forward in action!

February 21, 2010

Hello Friends! Two words can sum up why it’s taken me a while to post an update: SCHOOL VACATION. Having my children for 10 uninterrupted days has given me an incredible bounty of “non-me” time. The gift in this is that I am able to remind myself of how important it is to take care […]

Bumping up against something

February 13, 2010

Dear Friends. It seems like forever since I have posted an update on Project Haiti but that is mostly because things just happen so fast around here. Personally, I’ve been “bumping up against something” which we have all experienced many times in our lives. It is that time in your life when you feel unsettled […]

400 Farmers, 1 Medicine Man and My Mom

February 8, 2010

Today I received an email from Geri Benoit, the former First Lady of Haiti. She tells me that Haiti is not accustomed to yoga and it is not part of their culture. That it will have to be introduced wisely. This made me think of a story I heard lately and I wanted to share […]


February 5, 2010

Putting a together a project like this feels a little like cloud busting. You can have an idea or certain thinking around how it will all look, but there is also an element of just watching it take shape. It is futile to force it to be something that it is not. You look at […]

Sounds to me like they needed tools!

February 3, 2010

Greetings Friends! I can not seem to write fast enough to keep all that has gone on updated on this blog! The most recent and perhaps greatest news is that we made contact with an organization in Haiti that is a fabulous fit for our program! ¬†AMURTHaiti is a community development organization which is exactly […]