Project Haiti
Collaborative Effort to Bring Therapeutic Yoga to Haiti

forward in action!

Hello Friends! Two words can sum up why it’s taken me a while to post an update: SCHOOL VACATION. Having my children for 10 uninterrupted days has given me an incredible bounty of “non-me” time. The gift in this is that I am able to remind myself of how important it is to take care of oneself so the you can more effectively help to take others (in large part by giving them the tools to take care of themselves).  This is why we are so serious about our yoga for first responders program in Haiti and here in Boston for returning first responders. We are currently talking with a contact at PIH to put together at least one workshop led by Mark Lilly. The self care for first responders workshop will benefit not just these men and women, but everyone they are in contact with. In addition, Gretchen Wallace of Global Grassroots is working with a group in Petion-Ville and is interested in our first responders yoga program.  The conversation continues..

On to the exciting news! Steve Gross of Project Joy is heading down to Haiti to meet with Hannah at AMURTHaiti to get the therapeutic play for children program off the ground. Steve will be bringing as many toys as he can lug on that plane down to the 25oo children in the refugee camp and will be gathering important information that he will need in order to get his team down there to start working with the kids and training community leaders to work with the kids. Maggie Julianno is traveling down during that same week and she will be collecting lots of information for Jenn, Mark and Dave so that they can structure their yoga programs based on the situation on the ground there. Maggie’s trip is crucial for the development of  long term and self sustaining programs so we are eternally grateful that she’s offered to travel down, sleep in a tent, swat mosquitos and be wet for a week to bring us this crucial information. THANK YOU MAGGIE!

I will be traveling down later in the spring to meet Hannah and the community leaders at the refugee camp. I need to find out more logistic information such as: where will our volunteers stay? how much will that cost? where will the program coordinator stay? how can we transport volunteers from airport to the camp and back? etc, etc, etc….  All this is exciting because it means we are getting close to moving from just conversations to action.

Soon we will be looking through the resumes that have been submitted to hire our three program coordinators. These coordinators will work on the ground in Haiti for at least six months. If you are interested in being considered for this position please send your resume to maggie at as soon as possible. We will also be getting an online application up on our site for volunteer teachers. Volunteers will be required to fundraise for their trip but the training in the program is free thanks to the generous donation of Kripalu. we will be looking for 2 or 3 volunteers (per program) per two week period. we hope to have the application up before April 1st so that volunteers will have at least 5 months to raise the required funds.

As the media begins to move on to more timely topics, the people of Haiti live daily with the trauma and devastation of January 12th. As any of us who work in the field of trauma know, this natural disaster compounds the already complex trauma the people of Haiti may have been experiencing. The process of reversing the effects of trauma is lengthy and for that very reason we are committed to helping the community leaders sew this method of healing into their community centers, refuge camps, hospitals and schools. If you are planning on volunteering, know that you will be directly helping to make this a reality! If you are anyone else who can contribute in any way please let us know. This can happen for Haiti because put down our doubts and fears, put one foot in front of the other and move forward in action. woot!




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  1. Hi there will be working with a large relief organization in Haiti have extensive yoga background – TTC Sivananda teaching to children etc. would like to get involved.


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